The criteria of effective management systems is quick problem resolution and continuous development. In the t-method software all actions are managed in a complex system, ensuring access in line with rights. Efficiency can be measured by allocating indicators to processes.

  • Documentation, automatic distribution, monitoring and query of actions.
  • User-defined characteristics allocated to actions for complex search.
  • Persons involved in the corrective actions (e.g. responsible person, project officer, etc.) receive an electronic notification about relevant changes.
  • The status of the actions can be documented, meeting deadlines is supported with an electronic warning and escalation system.
  • Indicators are allocated to actions, at assessment the key process indicators are evaluated.
  • Files can be attached in all action documentation phases, the corrective actions can be organized in a tree structure.
  • T-method master data (product, product family, process, document, process step, external requirement, etc.) for queries with multiple aspects
  • The program manages actions implemented at any point of the organization in a complex system.