In process management the corporate strategy is connected with and adjusted to corporate process level, so that customer requirements can be met in a directed and effective way. A number of interconnected processes need to be defined, optimized and managed for the efficient working of an economic organization. The t-method software supports process planning and creating operating rules.

  • In the t-method software the user can plan corporate processes and visualize them in a process map. In the planning phase the user can define management, customer and support processes, and own, internal and external, outsourced processes.
  • The documentation created in the t-method software supports a process oriented approach.
  • A multilevel process structure can be created.
  • The process connections can be displayed if the process inputs and outputs are defined.
  • By recording process targets and key indicators, the user can monitor process results and efficiency, and the effects of changes. The index structure is transparent, assisting planning on organizational level.
  • Process flow charts can be created, and by connecting them to organization data the process steps can be defined even to job-related task level.
  • The t-method software enables complex and coherent planning in all levels, from major processes targeting strategic objectives to instructions for a single process step. This full-scale support enables quick reaction to external/internal events.