The adequate measurement and test equipment and their compliance certificate are essential criteria for a customer-centred and cost-efficient production. The t-method software offers a measurement and test equipment management system, which has direct connection with production planning. This enables the user to plan a cost-efficient monitoring, taking the usage related risks into consideration.

  • Measurement and test equipment register, automatic warning system.
  • Registry and calibration of multiple equipment (e.g. measurement equipment with multiple meters).
  • Planning, monitoring and registering events (internal calibration, external calibration, verification, MSA testing, maintenance, control).
  • Managing tools used for “indicative measurement”.
  • Planning usage time and risk, planning monitoring accordingly.
  • Creating test sheet and calibration instructions for control and internal calibration of one or more measuring equipment.
  • Documenting and archiving measurement data and measurement conditions. Displaying measurement data changes of features throughout the equipment’s lifetime.
  • Registering the location of measuring equipment producers and calibration bodies, documenting verification authorization.
  • MSA status monitoring (marking equipment for MSA, archiving analysis documents, MSA status registry).
  • Active connection with the measuring equipment database when creating Control Plans.
  • Managing repair, scrap, lost items.
  • Managing events of equipment usage (first usage, withdrawal).
  • Cost planning, registry and analysis of actual costs of measuring equipment management.