Our hotline provides support anytime, anywhere.If the problem cannot be solved with the user manual, the user can ask for human support. T&T Quality Kft. offers a hotline which provides direct communication with experienced experts and quick and problem specific support. The hotline is a time and cost efficient solution.The hotline service is available in […]

User manual

The user manual provides information which enables the user to perform tasks in the most effective way.User manual, both in electric version and hard copy, is available to every module and topic of the software.


T&T Quality Kft. improves the software continually in line with the relevant regulations, standards, customer requirements, user feedback and own development concept, and maintains it so that our users always can access an up-to-date version.

Database import

Based on preliminary consultation, our experts create the t-method database, and upload the required information into the purchased module database.Therefore the user does not need to spend time and energy on processing already compiled documentation (process descriptions, test and measurement equipment management data, work instructions, controlling documents, defined FMEAs, Control Plans, etc.), we remotely upload […]

Software services

The t-method software can run both on the user’s own server or on the web.The software service means that the user does not need to buy the license, but can access the t-method software in the frame of a service agreement. In this case the software runs on a server of T&T Quality Kft., and […]


At the training the user can acquire the principle, structure and operation of the t-method software and practice the operation of the purchased modules.T&T Quality Kft. provides instructor and material. The training can take place at both external and internal locations, where participants can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Project planning and management

Our skilled experts carry out the full scale planning of software implementation and project management.More information on related trainings and consulting services:

Professional consultancy, trainings

Our professional consultancy and training service offers solution to problems of day-to-day operation.We offer training and experts services so that our clients can build the optimal high quality HR environment that ensures customer satisfaction and audit compliance. More information on related trainings and consulting services:

FMEA moderation, risk analysis, FMEA training

The competition wants to defeat you. The best defence is to show rapidity, innovation and marketable price.The short development time, proper quality and low prices mean serious challenges for us.This is where the FMEA helps. By collecting the error possibilities the development time gets shorter, the error cost gets reduced and a high-level stable quality […]