The competition wants to defeat you. The best defence is to show rapidity, innovation and marketable price.
The short development time, proper quality and low prices mean serious challenges for us.
This is where the FMEA helps. By collecting the error possibilities the development time gets shorter, the error cost gets reduced and a high-level stable quality can be obtained.
Our FMEA experts can process the following topics with you:

  • The FMEA theory as the corner stone of the TQM
  • Objective and ut9ilisaiton of the various FMEA types
  • The meaning of FMEA in the product documentation
  • Requirements for the FMEA team
  • Workshop frequency, exercises for the FMEA

Recommended participants:

  • Quality assurance experts and assignees
  • Employees from the areas of sales, development, planning, material management, production, service provision and controlling