Measuring and test equipment management

One of the crucial input conditions for customer-oriented and cost-effective production is ensuring the availability and compliance of appropriate measuring, inspection, and testing equipment. The t-method software provides a measuring device management system that is directly connected to production planning and enables cost-effective supervision planning, taking into account the risk of the usage location.

  • The t-method keeps a record of all data necessary to identify the measuring device.
  • There is an option to attach documents, files, and photos as well.
  • Measuring devices can be issued to specific usage locations and individuals, potentially requiring a digital signature.
  • Each device can have its required inspection and cycle independently set.
  • Multiple types of supervision can be planned for a single measuring device.
  • Three-level alerts can be configured for each event, which the responsible parties can receive as email notifications.
  • Checksheets can be configured for recording measured values.
  • Important data, environmental parameters, and costs can be documented when recording an event.
  • It is always possible to attach files.
  • Various queries and lists are available to ensure that all data about a given device can be accessed quickly and efficiently.
  • Summary tables of measurement data can be prepared.
  • Calibration certificates can be printed from the software, which may include a digital signature.
  • The status of the measuring device can be tracked with a calibration label printed from the software.

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