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Dashboard module Functions

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Support for logistics

t-method – Supporting your logistic team Further information arrives soon. Meanwhile please ask our team about this module.

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Action monitoring

t-method – ACTION MANAGEMENT SUPPORT The criteria of effective management systems is quick problem resolution and continuous development. In the t-method software all actions are managed in a complex system, ensuring access in line with rights. Efficiency can be measured by allocating indicators to processes. Documentation, automatic distribution, monitoring and query of actions. User-defined characteristics […]

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CMMS maintenance management

The t-method software’s CMMS maintenance management module is suitable to plan, document and manage the operation tasks of the manufacturing equipment, tools, assets, vehicles, facilities and other objects. The t-method software was made with a web-based technology, in this way the geographical position of certain objects does not influence the relevant data in getting into […]

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Measuring and test equipment management

t-method – MEASURING AND TEST EQUIPMENT SUPPORT The adequate measurement and test equipment and their compliance certificate are essential criteria for a customer-centred and cost-efficient production. The t-method software offers a measurement and test equipment management system, which has direct connection with production planning. This enables the user to plan a cost-efficient monitoring, taking the […]

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It is an extra burden for companies to create and maintain APQP documentation in customer defined languages, apart from the version management process. In the t-method software a multilingual function supports the user in creating and managing documents. The user can paste text from the dictionary into program fields, if they are available in the […]

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Document management

t-method – DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SUPPORT Well-organized document management is essential for the company’s successful management and smooth operation. Multilevel documentation is necessary to define operation in any management system.This documentation regulates production/service processes, ensures transparency and structure, in line with corporate targets.The t-method software offers support in creating, maintaining, reviewing and archiving all regulatory documents. […]

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Manufacturing planning (CP/FMEA/PF)

t-method – MANUFACTURING PLANNING SUPPORT Quality assurance is a major task for any organization. Creating APQP documents, ensuring data coherence, providing up-to-date information to operational units are all tasks which are almost impossible to fulfil with traditional tools. The t-method software is a tool which enables quality management easily, with less resources, fully computer-based, complying […]

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Organization planning

The condition of successful management and good corporate performance is employees with the required skills and competencies. For the proper operation of a company it is imperative to define the requirements for employees and to support them in complying with those requirements. The processes are harmonized with the corporate targets, customer and regulatory requirements. The […]

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Management system (QMS/EMS)

In process management the corporate strategy is connected with and adjusted to corporate process level, so that customer requirements can be met in a directed and effective way. A number of interconnected processes need to be defined, optimized and managed for the efficient working of an economic organization. The t-method software supports process planning and […]