Support for logistics (purchasing)

The logistics module of the t-method software supports the purchasing process and warehouse management. The application guides the process from the request to warehousing and material issuance.

  • Purchasing requests can be initiated for devices, measuring instruments, maintenance materials, and products recorded in the t-method.
  • For maintenance materials, automatic order initiation is possible based on consumption and planned material requirements.
  • The purchasing process is freely configurable.
  • The data to be filled in at each step can be defined by the user, and fill-in permissions and the necessity of signatures can be set for each step.
  • Data connections can be established with the procurement modules of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • The configured process initiation and execution can be performed on a well-structured, user-friendly interface.
  • The status of the process can be tracked on the flowchart.
  • There is an option to record quotations, which can be automatically loaded during the process.
  • Open points can be viewed on boards corresponding to their statuses. Certificates are created for important steps.
  • The entire warehouse structure can be recorded on the interface.
  • Materials can be directly booked into the warehouse.
  • Materials used for maintenance can be issued to a cost center or worksheet, and signatures can be required upon receipt.
  • The software also offers functions to assist with inventory.
  • We monitor the purchasing and issuing units, and the value of purchased goods is always converted to the defined base currency.

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